Meet Jesse Miller

July 24, 2013

My name is Jesse Miller and I am an ordinary teenage girl with an
ordinary life. That is what I would have told you a year ago, but today, today
I am different. Last year, I ventured off on my first missions trip to Acapulco
so I could explore my faith, which truly seemed like a raging battle of doubt
and terror inside of me. So, in late July, I packed my bags and headed to my destination.

In a way, I was scared and unsure of what to expect from this land and the people around me. When I arrived in Mexico, it was unnaturally hot and I saw poverty everywhere. As some of my own family hails from Mexico, this version of a land I had always dreamed of deeply affected me.

Our arrival at the orphanage was one of the most terrifying, yet beautiful experience of my life. Child by child ran out, wrenching us into hugs even though most of us were complete strangers. From the moment, when helpless, unadulterated love penetrated my world, a day has not gone by that I do not think about those kids. Truly, before my experience in Mexico, I did not know that the kind of love I have for the children at Casa Hogar even existed.

I have been changed to lengths I never would have thought possible. My thoughts and dreams are filled with the day I return back to Mexico and get to be with those children again; now I know it’s true that absence only makes the heart grow fonder.

I have seen the effects of poverty and abandonment at Casa Hogar, but those two things cannot even begin to compare to the presence of Christ’s love there.

What Casa Hogar does for the lonely and deserted is honestly amazing and my most ardent wish is for people to see that. God’s presence is not just a subject that is talked about at the orphanage, but it is something that is felt with the heart, and I cannot even begin to explain the effect it had on me. Casa Hogar has not only changed the lives of the children of Acapulco, but it restored the heart of a 16-year-old girl, 2,000 mile away.

Editors Note: We are excited for Jesse to be part of the 2013 Casa Hogar Team! We look forward to joining her on her journey back to Casa Hogar and sharing in her experience.