First Days at Casa Hogar – Jesse Miller

July 29, 2013

We arrived yesterday to the airport of Acapulco with excited hearts, only to walk outside into the startling heat. After an hour long bus ride to Casa Hogar, we arrived to a stream of kids waiting to greet old friends and meet new ones. As it was our first night, we utilized our free time getting to know the children and then caught up on some much needed rest!

Madison Gammichia at church (Jesus de Nazareth) with new friends! 

Madison Gammichia at church (Jesus de Nazareth) with new friends! 

Today was our first full day and it is also Sunday, the day of The Lord! At 10, we all stuffed into the buses and headed to Jesus de Nazareth, which is Casa Hogar’s supporting church. As a veteran of the Acapulco mission trip, I knew that the entire church service is conducted in Spanish. Though this is the case, the church kindly gave us headsets on which a translator interpreted the sermon for us (although mine did not work!) The truth is, even though there was a language barrier between me and the man passionately proclaiming the word of Jesus in the pulpit, I still felt as spiritually nourished as any Spanish-speaking person in there. The way the choir joyfully exclaims Christ’s message and the congregation excitedly clap and sing along is an experience in itself; they provide the truly prominent aesthetics of the atmosphere. Followed by long, soulful prayers and the mastery of the pastor’s communication, this foreign type of worship feels strange, but also immensely beautiful.

Our comfort zones are an easy place to live in. So often we deny ourselves the chance to step out of the places that we consistently feel at home. What we do not always remember is that Christ is omnipresent; he watches over us from all sides, all angles, and in all corners of the world. Whether you are in Mexico or at home, there is always a wonderful and perfect time and way to give praise to the King. Our cultures, physical traits, languages, and traditions may differ drastically, but we all share a common mission: to glorify God and make Him known.

Throughout our lives, we will continually encounter circumstances and people that force us to step outside of what we know and accept the differences that stare us straight in the eyes. Let yourself feel and appreciate the beauty of Christ’s love in different shapes and forms. There are just some places and some people that make our souls feel full and at home, but if we never enable ourselves to seek out these places, wherever they may be, we will certainly never find them.