Armonia – Greg Holzhauer

September 4, 2013
Maria Isabella

Maria Isabella

Let me introduce you to Maria
Isabel, a 20-year-old young lady from Chichicaxtepec, a remote village near
Oaxaca in the south of Mexico where we will be serving with medical and optical
clinics later this week.  She has become
a friend over the last several years as we visit Oaxaca on this trip. 

Last night we heard her story. 

She had been at the student’s residence
(provided by Armonia) for 3 years through her high school graduation. Despite her ability to obtain a full university scholarship, the allure of an immediate job as a maid in the northern part of Mexico with her village peers drew her away. (Armonia provides the opportunity to
continue through the university.)

She ended up in a house in the northern part of the country, locked inside a home, cooking and cleaning for a family for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, without a break. She was not allow to eat any of the food she prepared, but was given only toast and water. She was paid about $75 for her 72 hours of work a week.

She lived this way for two years until three weeks ago when she was able to escape and return to the open and forgiving arms of Armonia.

She begins her course in nursing in a Red Cross program on September 9. Please pray for her. She is a courageous and gifted you woman. I can only imagine her future with Armonia.

With Armonia, she has a bright future.   


  Editors Note: What a picture of the prodigal son! So thankful for Armonia and how they show the love of Christ by always welcoming His children home!