Breaking Normal – David Creech

September 5, 2013

After a two year hiatus, I
have been blessed with yet another opportunity of visiting Mexico. The last time that I was here I was able to
spend the entire summer getting to know the kids of Armonia and really getting
to know their lives. With that said, as
I was departing two years ago, one of the recently graduated students, Chavelita, had to leave the residents and return home.

I went to Oaxaca that summer to research the AIMS program and see how these indigenous kids could break away from their cultural norms and begin the ultimate journey. Chavelita became one of the focal points of my thesis showing just how far one can come when they take their studies seriously and devote themselves to the program.

Chavelita had expressed her concerns of having to return home again, and equally I was just as concerned. Upon returning on this trip I began to reminisce about Chavelita and the others in the past who have not been able to continue with the program. To my delight, and also the delight of the directors and the other queros here, Chavelita has returned and has already passed her entrance exams with ease. It is such a blessing to see her back with the program and to see her sweet smile once again.