His Presence and Blessings are Everywhere! – Carolina Rueda

September 9, 2013

It’s been hard to stop to write this blog since I truly don’t want to miss any special moment God is giving us all with everyone in Oaxaca! Being here has brought me so much joy I can truly see God working in everyone’s life! His presence and blessings are everywhere!

Waking up early to see the sunrise in Chichicaxtepec was a beautiful gift He gave us on Thursday morning, and although it has been raining, the clouds and the mountains continue to make His name be glorified.

It’s beautiful to see God through His own creation, from dawn to dusk He is always present! Further, His beauty and love is not only demonstrated through green pastures and cascades, but through His children and their beauty to love us sincerely.

Let me give you a glimpse of what this means…imagine yourself in a foreign village, one where only mountains and clouds are seen, where the few residents bring you fresh bread in the mornings to thank you for the visit, and where trumpets and clarinets are played solely to thank you for serving them. Their gratitude and love was manifested in endless ways

…these have touched my heart and look somewhat like this…

Genuine smiles infused with warmth and gratefulness, loving hugs that squeeze you until you can no longer breath, a little hand that holds you tight and asks to walk beside him, a joyful laughter that says “I’m alive”, and a tear of joy that that streams down your face because you can’t contain the magnitude of God’s grace, love and mercy!
Being here has touched me and marked me significantly… isn’t that what always happens when you are in His presence and choose to forget about you!? I hope it’s His will to bring me back!

Editor’s Note: For those who don’t know Carolina, she is Maria Franco’s daughter.