Through the Looking Glass – David Creech

September 9, 2013

As we moved into Oaxaca city to start our
clinics, we were all so excited to see how we would be used in helping

I am writing about an encounter
that I had with a very sweet and patient old man. As I remember the whole day, he was the first
person that I saw arrive to see Doug.

immediate thought was, “I hope I don’t have to deal with this one.I had never worked with an eye glass clinic and
frankly a little scared to see if I could even find anything to do to help
anyone. I remember this man came up to
me with his slip of paper and as I looked at it I remembered thinking to
myself, “Holy!!!!!!He needed a prescription of 11.50.

My first thought
about this man was “wow, this guy must not be able to see at all.He also had cataracts as well as an
astigmatism, and needed bifocals. I
was expected not to find much of anything for this man. However, I did want to find a few options to
see if anything was better than the existing frames that he had. After a very long search, I went to Greg with
a couple of options to see what he would think about them. I showed him what I was thinking the best
option would be,  and his face just lit
up, saying to me this would be perfect! 

I went to this man telling him that I had a couple of options for him and
that I hoped that I could help him just in the slightest. I gave him the first pair and his face was a
face that could give you enough happiness for the rest of your life. He smiled at me saying, “I have not seen this
well in 30 to 40 years. I can see each
individual hair in your beard.

I was
absolutely  blown away by the power of
God and how simple it can be to bring joy to peoples lives.