Freedom in Christ – Vicki Taylor

October 17, 2013

Yesterday and today we
spent many hours helping the ladies of the House of Damaris Ministry
learn how to quilt so that they can make goods to sell to raise much
needed funds to help young women who are victims of trafficking here in

As I sat with
my friend she shared how difficult things are here…  one woman and her
husband have no jobs and they live on a steady diet of pasta– it is
all they can afford.   Another has a job but their employer will only
pay them occasionally, and never what they are
due. Yet, these women come and give of their time and meager resources
to help those who are enslaved, sharing the love of Christ with them as
they also strive to help them find freedom. 

As I listened to their stories and the incredible difficulties they face
day after day, I found myself reflecting on how much I take for granted
in my life.  How tightly I have held on to what I have, and how freely
these people have given of themselves and
how generous they are even when they have so little. 

Even more moving has been their great faith in The Lord to care for,
love, and provide for them. They boldly call upon The Lord for mercy,
help, and provision, and willingly serve one another in love.  My faith
has been strengthened by theirs and my heart
has been touched repeatedly by their great love in the midst of
incredibly trying times and circumstances.