Leaving Comforts Behind – Drew Rollason

July 31, 2014

Last summer, I watched as three of my close friends embarked on a week long journey to Acapulco, Mexico to visit an orphanage called “Casa Hogar”. At the time, my thoughts and feelings were leaning towards feeling sorry for them for being so far away from friends and family, to have none of the comforts of home, and to be living with kids that can’t even speak the same language as you, but upon their return I heard nothing but positive things that were said about their trip and experience.

This sparked curiosity in me and I soon began talking with my parents about how I could make a trip to Casa Hogar myself.

In weeks leading up to the trip, the skepticism began to creep back into my mind but I continued to trust that Gods work is greater than my own needs and wants. Now that I have spent a few days here my perception of the trip has completely changed.

I am motivated to be, and stay here, building relationships has outweighed having only the bare essentials, and the language barrier between the kids has not prevented me from feeling like these kids are my brothers and sisters.

I am truly grateful God has placed me here and I have been filled with more joy doing construction work, playing soccer (a sport I am terrible at), and spending time with the kids, than the majority of the things I do back home.