Returning to Casa Hogar – Jesse Miller

July 29, 2014

After 3 separate days of travel and much anticipation, the whole group has finally arrived at Casa Hogar! Although I enjoyed the serenity of spending a few quiet days before the rest of our group arrived, I missed the organized chaos that is Orangewood at Mi Casa Hogar.

For most of our group, it’s been a year since they’ve stood in the midst of the inescapable heat of Acapulco and for those innocent souls who are new to the trip, they have quickly come to understand that even the shade induces a constant sweat.

However, the exhaustion, thirst, and the constant state of feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the shower all fade away when a smiling kid is tugging at your shirt coaxing you out to the soccer pitch.

There is no sweeter feeling than that of feeling wanted, to be needed. I truly see the light of Jesus in the eyes of each child here at Casa Hogar, something that has not changed for me after three years.

There has been suffering here, each child with their own story of need and desperation, but the love that overcomes each child when they see Orangewood Church step out of that rickety bus, always overcomes me.

To quote Pastor Creech, “we are blessed to be a blessing” and that is a gift which surpasses all others.