First Time at Casa Hogar – Emily McKeon

July 30, 2014

As one of the afore mentioned “innocent souls” who has never experienced the “organized chaos that is Orangewood at Casa Hogar,”  I wondered if everything said was too good to be true. I had only heard good things about this trip and the friendships that have been built through it and was excited to now experience it for myself.

In the weeks leading up to it though, the skeptic in my head would speak up every now and then about the reality of making lasting relationships in just a few short days. That voice has already been proven wrong by the joyful moments I along with the rest of the team, have shared in.

The simple joys of a child running up to wrap her arms around your waist, the playful invitation to join in a game of football or the shy request to read a book are overwhelmingly powerful as the knowledge of past and perhaps present sorrow are swept up in fellowship. The beauty that exists in every person here is the very image of God made visible in his people.

Meaningful work becomes sharing in laughter and sweat, learning stories and sitting in silence as the gift of human connection given us by our God comes alive in the hot afternoon sun. Observing interactions between team members and those who live at Casa Hogar, it is so evident that all those who have established relationships here are well loved and remembered.

What a great reminder of the love of our Father that remembers, not just from year to year, but from eternity to eternity.