The Difference Between Want and Need – by Jesse Miller

April 16, 2015

We have arrived at Casa Hogar!

Though I have visited the home 6 times and have seen and heard many sad things that have occurred here, within the past day I have realized something that has never fully registered with me.

There is a very distinct difference between want and need.

I heard the story of a new child who was asked if she liked Casa Hogar. Her answer was “yes, I get to eat every day.”

It took such a simple sentence to sow such an important seed in my heart. I have never been deprived of basic needs. I am blessed to live a life where someone has always cared for me, has always made sure that my needs are met, even before their own. The kids of Casa Hogar have all experienced the feeling of truly needing something. It extends beyond food and shelter and clothing.

Many have needed for a mother or father. Many have needed for companionship. Many have needed for the comfort of a safe home. I have been fortunate enough to have all of these in my life.

However, there is one need that I share with the children of Casa Hogar:

The deep, desperate, unavoidable need of Jesus. A need only satiated by God who knows the most obscure desires within our hearts. This need is one we can never escape, never forget, for it is transcendental of our flesh. Neither is it solely a need. It is also a want, one that we are not always aware of. Many of the children here know Jesus, and there are also some that do not. The pain of past needs haunts them and clouds the love that is the remedy for them. Not only the children of Casa Hogar want and need for this love, but perhaps members of our young team who do not know Jesus yet still yearn for the fulfillment of this need.

My prayer this week is that we will learn about this need through each other. I pray that we are as receptive to the hearts of these children as they are to us. I pray that through each action, our work, our play time, our conversation, we can make this need known.

This place works magic. I learn something new and challenging each time I am here. I pray that this week each lesson will bring us to the very thing all of our hearts are truly longing, needing, wanting for: a God who sees our needs, who sees our confusion, who sees our longings, who sees the dead parts of us, and meets us right were we are at.