Constant and Unchanging Love

July 29, 2015

by Jessica Pelski and Caroline Wilson

Through each day, more and more stories are revealed and told. Stories of these kids past lives’ and stories of their brokenness. We are constantly amazed at how this brokenness doesn’t change their love for us. Even though people in their pasts have failed to love them, they have not failed to love our team well.

Two children living at the home told our team how they were abused and mistreated prior to arriving at Casa Hogar. These children have seen brokenness and have not been loved, yet they constantly show us love by touch and words. Sitting on the stairs outside, this little boy will come up and grab you by the hand and give you a kiss on the cheek. Along with this, his little sister just wants anyone to hold her: while she does not have a mother figure in her life, we can meet this need for her for this short time. This is just one story here, but many other children feel the pain of their past as well. Yet their love for others is constant and unchanging, despite how people have not loved them well.

It is no surprise to these children that in a couple days we will leave them. Even though we can only love them for this short time, they withhold no love for us. Despite the constant changes they see with new people coming and going all the time, they still love us like we are never going to leave or betray them. In the ways we fail to love them constantly, they love us completely.

This is truly the love of Jesus Christ.

Living and working these past couple days at Casa Hogar reminds us how blessed and loved we are. We take so much for granted: everything from the clothes on our backs to the clean water and comfort of our homes. We have parents who love us all the time, and opportunities to do big things in our lives. The things we take for granted, these children long to have.

We are thankful for our short time here, and thankful for the lessons these sweet kids are teaching us. We are truly so blessed.