July 30, 2015

by Lindsay Crespo

Our final day at Casa Hogar! The feeling is bittersweet to know that I’ll soon get to see my family and sleep in my own bed, but also to know that it won’t be until another year that I get to see these sweet, beautiful children that the Lord has blessed us with. But through these last two days, I have felt God working on my heart in ways that I have never experienced in my life before.

As I have gotten to know each child I have noticed that, though they have lost so much and have been hurt by so many that they love, they somehow forgive. Forgiveness is a major aspect of my story and of everyone’s story, but I have always struggled with forgiveness in my life. There have been many times where I have felt betrayed and hurt by people I loved and cared about. People I trusted alienated me and left me feeling alone and helpless. I was angry at them, angry at God. But I have now realized one simple fact that we have all sung when we were children.

Our God is big!

God is bigger than the storms we face in life and He is bigger than the scars of betrayal and loneliness! I might still feel that pain and anxiety from the past, but God is bigger than that. And when we remind ourselves that we have a really big God on our side, we remember how small our sin and other people’s sin is to God. No betrayal, abuse, or lie is too big for God to handle. Jesus forgave those who betrayed, abused, lied, and killed Him and still deeply loved them.

I truly believe that sometimes the greatest examples of who Jesus really is can be seen in God’s smallest creations. Because of these little children, who love when they only feel hate, are joyful in the harshest storms, and forgive when they are beaten and bruised by life, I have learned to love and forgive those who have and will do me wrong.

Pain and suffering is real and it can leave scars that last forever, both physically and emotionally, but God has called us, like these beautiful children, to forgive like our mighty and gracious savior Jesus.

Lindsay Crespo

Lindsay Crespo