Ready to fly

May 19, 2016

The day has finally arrived!

Our team is here at MCO, about to set off on an overnight flight, arriving at 5:00pm on Friday in Tel Aviv (still not sure how this math works…) We will jump into gear right away, driving up the Haifa and worshiping on Sunday with a messianic congregation.

The team members have been preparing for weeks, each researching and reporting to the group about the different cities and areas that we will be visiting. We are looking forward to seeing these areas of the world that have previously lived only in our imagination, woven into the stories of the Bible. As our exact itinerary is determined by our hosts in Israel, there is still an air of mystery of exactly where we will go and who we will meet, but we trust that our faithful God already has our steps planned.

As you can imagine, the work of our ministry partners in Israel is sensitive, so please be aware that there may be a need to conceal names, faces and complete details about each ministry. Keep checking back for more updates along the way!