Two worship services

May 23, 2016

On Saturday, May 21, we visited with a messianic congregation in Haifa, where the service was held in both Hebrew and Russian. The pastor, Leon, told us that the style of different messianic congregations are on a spectrum where one end is a traditional Jewish synagogue and the other end is a protestant church. He said that their church is basically 75% towards the side of a traditional synagogue service, and there were many traditional Jewish elements, such as the prayer shawls for men and the presentation of the Torah.

On Sunday, May 22, we were welcomed by an Israeli Arab church in Nazareth (for more information about this church, see the post below entitled “Local Baptist Church”.) This service was in Arabic, and several of the songs were familiar tunes, but sung in Arabic. Enjoy this song from the worship service!


Tonight, May 23, we are in Bethlehem, and we will be visiting with a local Presbyterian church in the morning.