Two more worship services

May 30, 2016

On Saturday and Sunday, we were blessed to be part of two more worship services, one in Gadera and one in Bethlehem.

On Saturday, we joined a messianic congregation, Grace and Truth, for a Shabbat service in Gadera. This service was in Hebrew, but translated into Russian, English and sign language! Afterwards, the pastor and his sweet family invited us to join them for lunch and hear more about their congregation. Interestingly enough, Grace and Truth is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, just like Orangewood! 

On Sunday, we returned to Baraka Bible Presbyterian Church in Bethelehem for the worship service. Pastor George invited Joe Creech to preach, which was our first sermon that was in English and translated into Arabic! Afterwards we joined the church members for a potluck lunch and learned more about their congregation.  You may remember Pastor Danny from Baraka from his visit to Orangewood several years ago.