Final Days in Honduras

June 13, 2016

Thank you, Judy Walker, for this final recap of the Honduras trip.

Our last day of ministry involved a relatively short drive up a relatively smooth dirt road that zigzagged up a spectacularly beautiful tropical mountain area. The extremely steep hillsides were covered with coffee crops and palm trees. We were told by our driver that the families alternated banana trees with the coffee plants to provide shade and two crops on one plot of land. It appeared that much of the farming is done on a single family scale and throughout the week we saw many men working alone or in small groups preparing the land by hand with machetes and pick axes.

Melvin, our Honduran leader told us we were going to a beautiful place and beautiful people. That was so true. We enjoyed the coolness of the mountain altitude and the view from the open windows of our meeting place was so gorgeous. Likewise the people were beautiful, in appearance and temperament, being very hospitable and patient throughout the day. We were surprised when three Honduran doctors from the local emergency room joined us. It required some flexibility to reorganize to include the new “team members” but the result was a quicker time of seeing all 245 patients and also the opportunity for some the medical clinic staff from our team to get a chance to see “the other side”, the children’s ministry. Ulysses was able to play a couple of games of checkers with two boys and Bob made the kids laugh with his silliness during the parachute games. It was a lovely way to end the week. 

Today is devoted entirely to the return trip, leaving at 8 am Honduran time and arriving back in Orlando at 11 pm. (Two hours time difference). A good percentage of the team picked up “gastritis”, but all are safely in the last leg of the flight now. Considering that 35 people went to a foreign country and rode in the backs of pickup trucks through extremely rough terrain, we are especially thankful for God’s protection. I thought 35 people was too many and too hard to manage, but over the week I saw how each person contributed to the team mission. The teenagers provided the energy, strong backs, fun, and “hanging onto you” for the many children at both the clinic and the Honduran Life Center. They also spent long days sorting medicine and taking blood pressures. Our doctors and nurses brought their great knowledge and experience. Several from our team were interpreters, and others brought construction skill, and others brought knowledge of child care and evangelism. Our Honduran partners there were invaluable , including Melvin who arranged the villages we visited and coordinated most of the transportation. His teenage son and daughter and Rina, another local girl were such a blessing to us all. Josias was the “Pied Piper” in the children’s work and brought fun and a clear explanation of the gospel. It was truly a team experience.


Gloria Dios!