Honduras Ministry Day 1

June 6, 2016

A note from Judy Walker in Honduras:

Today, Sunday, was our first ministry day and it was quite a novel experience. We left at seven thirty in the morning and drove about an hour and a half to a remote village up in the mountains. Paved roads gave way to rocky gravel roads that went steeply up the mountains. Spectacular terrain of sharp mountain peaks, one on top of the other and lush vegetation, in spite of the severe drought this year. We were told that it rained two days ago for the first time this year! 

We arrived at this school building in this village, Macholoa, to be greeted by approximately 200 people. We quickly set up two ministry areas, the medical clinic and the children’s program. Melvin Flores is the local ministry partner who sets up the village visit. He translated as we were introduced to the villagers and explained that our purpose was to pass on the mercy that God had shown us in Christ Jesus, that He offers the same live to each of them. Then they registered for the clinic and waited throughout the day until all the villagers were served. 180 people were tests, seen in the clinic today. They were offered blood pressure reading, blood sugar testing, a visit with Dr. Godshall, or eye exam and possibly glasses with Dr. Mauger, and also importantly the deworming station with a personal counseling time. 

In the children’s ministry, there were activities all day long in either whole group or small group time. A local pastor who traveled with us presented and explained the gospel in multiple ways. The teenagers played soccer, painted nails and braided the hair of the girls and many of the mothers. 

Another team worked at the orphanage today and started building a playground as well as playing with the kids. With great effort and teamwork they constructed a slide from wood and steel. 

Everyone arrived back tired and sweaty from a ten hour day to Los Glorias for wonderful dinner and group sharing with the group. 

Dawn, Amy, and Jessica have done a marvelous job of organizing an all day program for the children that showed personal care and attention (such as nails and hair braiding) but also presented the gospel in several different ways throughout the day in their native tongue. It was pretty amazing. 

Also the mothers came after they went to the medical clinic and participated in many of the activities. There was a large shade tree outside that served for the large group activities and also soccer and other outdoor games. 

It was a good day for me because it was the experience personally for me of seeing Honduras firsthand. I was reminded that God has particular love for the poor. His kingdom is so much larger than we can ever imagine. These people in this very remote and isolated village are close to God’s heart and their lives are so very different from ours and yet in the same way they are just like us. It was a privilege to be there and see how God brought this diverse group together.