Ministry Day 2

June 8, 2016

A note from Amy Huber:

Monday was a hard and discouraging day. No indicators of a godly presence in the community. The kids were aggressive, selfish and disrespectful. No parent came into the children’s ministry room all day, even though we had about 60-80 kids in each room all day. It appears they are kind of unsupervised after about 4 years old. But we realized this is why we are here. They heard the gospel story over and over using the 5 colors if the gospel theme through crafts, play dough, cootie catchers and coloring pages. Prayerfully seeds were planted.


An update from Judy Walker:

Today was a long hard day. We left at 7:30 and the trip took us one and a half hours. Most of the trip was on regular blacktop roads (although there were wash-out areas that took huge chunks out of the road edges). The last few miles however were on amazingly treacherous roads of stone and gravel and steep drop-offs merely a foot from the road’s edge. We climbed to the very top of the mountain and then walked in the town up a hill that the bus could not make. A very large crowd was waiting for us, patiently at first as the leaders scoped out the school grounds and determined the best place for each part. Then the work began. It was extremely hot and crowded. It was a record breaking day in numbers of people who were served, 267. And children’s ministry continued all day. There was a different feel to the villagers, more aggressive, less respectful, and less orderliness in the activities, partially because of the large numbers and also because of the attitude of the participants. When Jessica presented the gospel to the children, she was stunned that none of them seemed to have any knowledge of who Jesus was, no indication that they had ever heard of Him. More of the villagers were unable to read. More of the supplies “walked off” during the day than in past days. But as Dawn noted, maybe those who are the hardest to like are really the ones that need it most. We were at a village that had never had a medical team there before. There were so many people that we were not able to see them all. Some of the people had arrived at the school as early as 6 o’clock in the morning. 

But we worked hard as a team to provide medical benefits and teach and entertain the children for about 8 hours today. We had a stunning ride home as far as the countryside- unbelievable vistas all the way. All were thankful to reach home and have a wonderful meal back at Los Glorias. Then in our evening group time Kevin Rambo talked about praying for each other and challenged us all to spend time back in the rooms to pray specially for each other. It was a great experience.