Ministry Day 3

June 9, 2016

A note from Judy Walker in Honduras:

Everyone is safe and sound today after several long days this week. The school today was close by, so we didn’t have the extra two to three hours of travel. But we did see 250 people today, including many families and school children. The children wear school uniforms. The school had a large grassy soccer field that was a good place for the children’s ministry and the clinic. Our teenagers played outside with the kids for hours.

Afterwards we traveled a short distance to the gigantic waterfall. This is the chance to experience the natural beauty of Honduras in a close up and personal way, underneath the pounding surge of a very large waterfall then go also behind the waterfall. Our next stop was Honduras Life Center to see the children and the playground equipment that the team had constructed. Yesterday the construction team completed a very nice playground at the orphanage complete with a super slide, swings, cargo net, and small climbing wall. The kids were ecstatic.

Then the kids went with us to an “indoor” soccer field for a great time playing with the younger members of our team. The funny part was that indoor meant that the field was covered with netting all around so that the ball stays in the field. In our case, it was raining like crazy so it was a wild time of playing soccer in the rain!! We returned to Las Glorias around 8 and everyone was ready for bed!