Casa Hogar Reflections (Day 5)

July 29, 2016

Thank you to Aubrey Honerbrink for writing today’s blog!

“My name is Aubrey Honerbrink. I will be a Senior at Orangewood, and this is my fourth trip to Casa Hogar. I originally came to Casa Hogar to find myself, and I continue to come back because I feel myself getting closer to that each year.” These were the words I used to introduce myself to my mission group, upon my arrival to Casa Hogar. 

It may seem crazy, but it wasn’t until this year that I had been faced with the question of “Why?” When I tell others of my annual trip to Acapulco, Mexico, they ask what I do on these trips or wish me well, but never stop to ask “Why?” 

To those who haven’t experienced the miraculous wonders that come with mission work, it may be hard to understand that there isn’t always an answer to the question: “Why?” At least, for me, there wasn’t always an answer. I did not know why I wanted so badly to come to Casa Hogar. I can only explain it as a strong compulsion. I didn’t ask questions, I didn’t look back, I took a leap of faith and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Soon enough, I was on a plane, traveling to a different country with people I didn’t know all too well. Some may think that I should have worried or at least been nervous, but I wasn’t at all. I knew that if God was calling me to do His work in this place, I could trust Him to keep me safe.

As soon as I stumbled through the gates of Casa Hogar, an overwhelming calm rushed over me and I knew that this place was more than just a couple of old buildings that needed a new coat of paint, this place was, and would forever be, my home. The people here were so quick to love and accept me into their home and for that I am so grateful.

Looking back, I can see that though I didn’t have a reason, God was very intentional in His plan for my being here. Casa Hogar has been my safe haven through the years. I have been here at my worst and I have been here at my best, but in both circumstances I have felt extremely loved. God has used this place to heal the kids living here and he has also used this place to heal me. I cannot imagine a world in which this place does not exist. Casa Hogar is forever in my heart, it is a part of who I am.

Yesterday we had an incredible day of work in the morning, lunch and nap time included! After siesta, we were out and about helping the children and leaders of Casa Hogar decorate their derby cars for the car races today. Brian Caslow, Al Pascale and Uriel are finished with one of the closets they are building and it looks absolutely amazing! Last night, Gio (a long time friend at Casa Hogar), shared his story with our team. He shared a story of hope and grace and we found ourselves full of teary eyes praising Jesus for his goodness! Of course, we ended the night with a game of “Family.”