Community Center

September 5, 2016

A team of fourteen people from Orangewood visited our partners from Armonia Ministries in Oaxaca, Mexico in early September. During the trip, Andrew and Emily Lockhart took over the Orangewood Instagram account (@OrangewoodPCA) to share updates. See all their photos reposted here, as well!

Today our clinics were held at a community center run by a relative of the Cruz family. This center serves many purposes including providing a place for people to stay while caring for their loved ones in a nearby hospital and a location where bible studies and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held. Upon our arrival, a local pastor was giving a devotional and prayed for our group and for the clinics. Our clinics have been running smoothly today and we have been spoiled by the beautiful mountain views of Oaxaca, thank you for your prayers! #owoodoaxaca

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