Medical & Eyeglass Clinics

September 8, 2016

A team of fourteen people from Orangewood visited our partners from Armonia Ministries in Oaxaca, Mexico in early September. During the trip, Andrew and Emily Lockhart took over the Orangewood Instagram account (@OrangewoodPCA) to share updates. See all their photos reposted here, as well!

Site of today’s medical and eyeglass clinics. We traveled to a Zapotec pueblo outside of Oaxaca and were fortunate to have been shaded by this pavilion for the day. The local people welcomed us with open arms and were honored to share with us their very best food and drink – they served us a drink that would be compared to a mix of cornstarch and water and loaves of bread. Very humbling to accept the generosity and kindness of people whose lives look so different than our own. #owoodoaxaca