Pharmacy at work

September 4, 2016

A team of fourteen people from Orangewood visited our partners from Armonia Ministries in Oaxaca, Mexico in early September. During the trip, Andrew and Emily Lockhart took over the Orangewood Instagram account (@OrangewoodPCA) to share updates. See all their photos reposted here, as well!

Serving with our friends from the UK in the Pharmacy. Today we held eyeglass and health clinics at the school where the Armonia students attend and also at the AIMS house where the students live. After talking with some of the students, we learned that people had come from 4-5 hours away just to be seen by our team of doctors and volunteers. Word travels fast when opportunities to see clearly and receive much needed medications are available! Thankful for the opportunity to serve people who are often overlooked by the healthcare system. #owoodoaxaca #missions