Summer Internship

Join us for a 10-week summer internship for first-hand experience in church ministry.

Are you interested in learning more about the Summer Intern position at Orangewood Church, PCA? We are grateful that the Lord is stirring you to pursue ministry, and hope that this internship helps you decipher whether or not the Lord is calling you into full-time ministry.

Read more about this unique opportunity from Sarah Jane Creech, our Student Ministries Team Leader, who coordinates the summer internship.

Before we talk about the internship, let me tell you a little bit about Orangewood itself! Orangewood Church, PCA is located 10 miles northeast of Downtown Orlando. We have about 850 active members. Our mission is “For Christ and His Kingdom.” If you end up serving at Orangewood this summer, you will hear that this truly is the heart of our Lead Pastor, Jeff Jakes. The Lord has transformed our church body through Jeff’s ministry, with all the glory given to God. I hope that you will see that here at Orangewood!

I have found that internships are a great way to grow and be challenged in ministry. Our hope at Orangewood is not only that you would come to serve our church, but that in turn, we would serve you. Our desire is for you to grow while serving here, and that can come from many different places. We wish to provide you with many opportunities to see if ministry is where you are being called. Besides foundational training for ministry we hope to provide you with teaching times by men such as Jeff Jakes, Steve Brown and Richard Pratt.

I feel very strongly about this being a constructive 10 weeks for you. I desire to grow with you, and for our church body to grow with you. Our Intern Committee is praying that you will find Orangewood as a place of warmth and love, not a love that is from us, but a love that comes from Christ alone!

You may find the application a bit tedious, but since we will be having a Skype interview only, I ask you to put as much of your heart and desire for serving the Lord into this application as possible. Please be honest, detailed, and share yourself with us! We are praying that, if you are one of the team members that is to serve at Orangewood this summer, the Lord would start preparing your heart now for the things that you will experience while in Orlando. Please contact me with any questions you have… I am here to help you through this!

In Christ Alone,
Sarah Jane Creech
Student Ministries Team Leader
407-539-1500 ext. 502

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