Let’s Chat Parenting Live

"Let’s Chat Parenting," equips parents of children and teenagers to better face the challenges that come with raising children in today’s world.

We desire to see students formed into the image of Jesus– and we believe that this can only be accomplished if the church is in partnership with the home. This series was created in partnership with Orangewood Christian School, and was designed to equip parents to face the challenges that come with parenting in today’s world.

Let’s Chat Parenting addresses topics relating to the mind, body, and spirit, and offers parents two different platforms–live meetings and a monthly podcast–in which to learn and connect.

Let’s Chat Live is a teaching and discussion session where parents will engage with pastors, scientists, mental health professionals, and others. These sessions help parents better understand the realities that their children face every day, and serves to encourage parents through every stage of childrearing.

The Let’s Chat Podcast has welcomed local counselors, teachers, and pastors to address topics such as identity, sexuality, creativity, and mental health. These live sessions are an excellent forum for parents to ask the speaker questions about the topic, and to discuss with other parents.

The next session of Let’s Chat Parenting Live will be held in The Space (Orangewood Church student ministries area.)