Let’s Chat Parenting Live

Join us for the next session of "Let’s Chat Parenting," a teaching series to equip parents of children and teenagers to better face the challenges that come with raising children in today’s world.

November 2, 2017 8:00am To November 2, 2017 9:30am

As a parent, at what point do you begin to prepare your children for leaving the nest? On the surface, this appears to be a ridiculous question if your child is in the throes of potty training, or learning how read fluidly. But if we’re honest with ourselves, a thoughtful parent is ALWAYS preparing their child to leave. When you discipline your child for failing to do his chores, discuss how to navigate hurtful friendships, and teach them how to complete a math worksheet, ultimately you’re preparing your child to function within his specific call in God’s kingdom — apart from you.

Join Taylor Kelly (OC High School Coordinator) and Lisa Mishkin (OCS Director of Guidance) for the last session of the fall semester of Let’s Chat Parenting Live on November 2 at 8:00am in The Space.

This semester, we’ve been going through a series, “How to Raise a Healthy Adult.” While we’re enjoying coffee and breakfast, we’ll talk with Taylor Kelly and Lisa Mishkin about how to prepare your children to make that giant step out of the nest. (This hopes to be as valuable for parents of young children as it is to those of adolescents.) Taylor will give us a picture of what “healthy adulting” has been in his life, and what prepared him for that, and Lisa Mishkin will dispel some of the myths surrounding college admissions that seems to impact student and parent decision-making earlier and earlier.

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