Frequently Asked Questions

What are community groups?

Community Groups are small gatherings of 10-14 people who meet regularly to build relationships and grow spiritually, offering hope and encouragement for the Christian journey. Community Groups are available for adults of all ages and are generally organized geographically in neighborhood homes around sermon-based or other Gospel-centered discussion materials.


When do community groups start?

Signups for the fall session begin in late August with the first gatherings held in mid-September. Spring sessions will have an early January signup, with gatherings starting in mid-January.


Where do community groups gather?

Community Groups generally gather in the home of a group member who has volunteered to host for a particular seasonal session.


Why should I be in a community group?

Community Groups strengthen our walk with Christ while encouraging lasting friendships here at Orangewood. They provide safe environments for people to take in and discuss life’s many trials with a Biblical viewpoint. Community Groups encourage spiritual growth so that lives may be transformed and our community impacted with the Gospel.


How long are community group meetings?

Each individual Community Group chooses their meeting length, but you’ll find that gatherings generally run 90 minutes to 2 hours.


How often do community groups gather?

Generally, Community Groups will gather weekly beginning in September and January for approximately 10-13 weeks. This includes time for meet & greet, seasonal events and outreach opportunities. Community Groups may also choose to meet informally over the summer months to stay in touch.


What goes on in at a community group gathering?

Though each Community Group may differ in how they do things, all Community Groups will include elements of meet and greet, worship, discussion and prayer. In addition, some Community Groups may offer a meal or refreshments; gather informally, or for a seasonal event or outreach activity.


What about childcare?

Each Community Group will organize a system that best serves their childcare needs. Community Groups will be provided the resources necessary to allow parents to comfortably participate, knowing that childcare needs have been met.


Do I have to stay in the same community group?

Community Groups are conducted in a friendly and encouraging environment designed to help you connect and get to know one another. However, at the conclusion of each session, you’re free to decide whether to continue or transfer to another group.


How do I sign up for a community group?

Visit our website this fall and click on “Community Groups” to register online. You may also sign up on Sundays in the foyer. Community Group sign-ups are generally scheduled in late August and early January of each calendar year.  Newcomers to Orangewood will always have an opportunity to connect with a Community Group. Feel free to contact Larry Shingler, Director of Small Group Ministries, with any questions or concerns.