Young Adults Ministry

Our young adults ministry creates space to build friendships as we explore what the Gospel means in our everyday lives.

Orangewood’s ministry to young adults reaches out to college students, young adults from ages 22-40. This ministry is gearing up, and is planning some exciting things. Want to stay in the loop? Reach out to our Young Adult Coordinator, Mark Nicks.


Next Thursday, Nov 15 is our first ever YAMsgiving!

Join us and bring some delicious food and drinks to share! (Both Thanksgiving dishes and other foods are totally welcome.) Jim and Kim Johnston are hosting this fantastic evening—and are also providing us with a beautiful, smoked brisket! Seating is limited, so please sign up soon!

The festivities begin at 6pm, but feel free to come later, if needed. If childcare is an issue, please contact us, and we will try to work something out! Just let us know asap (Email!


Join the Facebook group for updates and reminders each month.