Athens, Greece

Ministry to local churches and ministries in Athens, Greece

Next trip: October 17-27, 2019

We have worked with the First Greek Evangelical Church in Greece for over ten years. Each year, we visit and minister in many different ways—helping refugees, ministering to trafficked women, supporting church plants among many ethnic and philosophical groups, and helping in the Greek Bible College. God is doing amazing things in Greece, and it is an honor to support local ministries there.

During this upcoming trip, we will have extended time with our ministry partners in and around Athens, continuing to build and grow our relationships with our partners.  You will see how God is working in the lives of our Greek brothers and sisters and in the immigrant community.

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Refugee Relief Project

A team of seventeen people from Orangewood joined our ministry partners in Athens, Greece from October 13-23, 2015. This is an annual trip to deepen relationships, pray with our Greek partners and see firsthand the ministry that is happening in the country. This year, our team also assisted with relief efforts for the thousands of refugees who have come to Greece over the last few months.

Prior to the group’s arrival, our ministry partners in Athens asked if we can help them minister to the thousands who have come into their city.  Our Greek brothers and sisters have opened a storefront in Victoria Square to provide daily necessities to these refugees. We received a special offering to help our sister church in Athens to minister in the name of Jesus to those in need.

Pastor Giotis shares with us:

“Greece is right in the middle of Europe’s migrant crisis with over 300,000 people arriving on our coasts this year alone. While most are moving on to northern Europe, many are forced to stay in Athens and are essentially camping in on the streets. Media and our own hearts may tempt us to respond to migration with fear or suspicion, but the Lord calls us instead to ‘love the stranger’. Regardless of the politics surrounding displaced peoples, God’s Word is clear: ‘You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself.’ (Lev. 19:34)  We are being challenged here as a church to see these refugees as people who are hurting and in need of the love of Jesus Christ, and to offer help to these sojourners as we are able.”

Over $15,000 was given for refugee relief!
Thank you so much for your generosity.