Hurricane Relief & Recovery

Although most of us are back into our usual routines, may we not forget that there are still many people who need help recovering from the storm.

We have THREE powerful ways to help the victims of the recent disasters.

1. You can contribute to the special offering this Sunday, Oct 15

We will be collecting a special offering to benefit victims of the recent natural disasters during this Sunday’s services. Baskets will be near the pulpit (where the Deacon’s Fund offering normally is) if you want to contribute.


2. You can donate relief supplies for Puerto Rico this Sunday, Oct 15

We have just received a request from Global Commission Partners (GCP) to send relief supplies to Puerto Rico, where 95% of the population still has no electricity. The items collected will be airlifted to San Juan and distributed directly to the churches in the areas of greatest need. Here in Orlando, many of us have stocked up on these supplies in preparation for the storm. Do you have items and supplies that you can share? We have been blessed to be a blessing!

Needed items (Note: Donations do not need to be new, but they should be in good condition.)

• Food: Canned food (meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, beans), water, pasta, rice and cooking oil.

• Miscellaneous: Flashlights, batteries (AA and D), medicine, diapers, baby wipes, mosquito repellent, clothing, blankets, bed sheets, bath towels and paper towels.

• Tools: Hammers, drills, generators and chainsaws.


3. You can participate in the short term trip to Naples, Florida on Oct 16-19

We need a few more volunteers to aid in hurricane relief efforts in Naples in partnership with Mission to North America. If you are interested, please contact Clark Reisinger at 407-539-1500 ext. 516.


Do you still need help following the storm? 

If you need any assistance cleaning up your home and yard, or accessing necessary items, please let our Deacons know by filling out the form here.