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We have a variety of ministries here at Orangewood— check them out below!

Are you new to Orangewood? Explore our ministry offerings by clicking on the links below to visit the individual pages for each ministry. If you have any questions about Orangewood, feel free to email our church office and we’d be happy to share more!



Community Groups

From its inception, the New Testament Church has involved communal life where ministry happens not just in public spaces, but also in private homes. Here at Orangewood, we pray that God will use our community groups to build robust, discipling relationships among our members.

Contact: Assistant Pastor, Chuck Berry



We live in a broken, hurting world and often need support, help, and guidance as we go through our lives (Romans 8:19-23). Because of this, we have a staff counselor who helps those inside and outside our church family who are struggling with spiritual, emotional, relational, and mental health challenges.

Contact: Parker Johnson, MA, RMHCI


Global Missions

Orangewood supports 60 ministry partners around the globe, the majority of whom are supported through the PCA’s missions organization, Mission to the World. We are closely tied to many of their missions throughout the year, and we average 5-7 mission trips per year. 

Contact: Executive Assistant, Ashley Eveland


Men’s Ministry

All men at Orangewood are encouraged to participate in Band of Brothers, our flagship men’s group. Band of Brothers convenes each week for biblical teaching, small group discussion, and prayer. In addition, we have several smaller, elder-led groups that focus on intentional, directed discipleship for those who attend.

Contact: Executive Assistant, Ashley Eveland


Women’s Ministry

Our women’s ministry provides a place where women can gather to be encouraged and filled through the study of God’s word, and where they can learn to use their individual gifts to advance God’s kingdom. We are passionate about connecting women not only to peers, but to women of different generations.

Contact: Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Hilda Gammichia


Young Adult Ministry

This ministry creates space for young adults (both single and married) to build friendships while exploring the implications of the gospel for everyday life. Our young adults meet weekly in small groups and also get together for intermittent, large-group activities. 

Contact: Young Adult Coordinator Mark Nicks


Senior Adult Ministry

Our senior adults meet every Sunday morning at 9am for SALT, which includes worship, Biblical teaching, and regular updates from ministry partners around the globe. SALT edifies each member on an individual level— but it also provides a conduit to serve the Orangewood family through exhortation and prayer.

Contact: Senior Adults Pastor Doug Fleming

Children and Students

Children (infant – 5th)

We want all of the children at Orangewood to know and understand God’s love for them (Psalm 78:4-7).
To achieve this goal, we have broken down our ministry into three, age-specific children’s ministries: OKids Nursery, OKids Jr., and OKids Worship. Each of these ministries teaches God’s word in a developmentally appropriate way and helps our children apply God’s truth to their own lives and situations.

Contact: Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry, Marie Cardinali


Students (6th-12th)

In order to reach each of our students with the gospel, our student ministry involves all members of a student’s support network (peers, mentors, parents, teachers, coaches, etc.). This integrated system of discipleship and training encourages each student to apply their knowledge of the gospel to all facets of life, and—through God’s power—transform every student into a disciple maker.

Contact: Student Ministry Coordinator, Ericson Joubert



Orangewood Christian School

This covenant, Christian college preparatory school offers the highest level of academic achievement for grades K4-12, and pairs it with in-depth Christian teaching and discipleship. Orangewood Christian School exists to equip students with Christ-centered education, to cultivate their foundational relationship in Christ, and to empower them to be ambassadors for His Kingdom.

Contact: Executive Director, Allyn Williams


Maitland Community Preschool

This community preschool that offers part-time classes for 2-year-olds through Kindergarten, and leads children to know God and His world by providing a solid foundation for life and learning. Indeed, we hope that each child attending MCP will grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Contact: MCP Director, Betsy Wilson


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