Welcome Dr. Tyler Groff
Orangewood Church

Thank you so much for calling me to serve as your next Lead Pastor. It is a privilege. It is an honor with 98.3% votes. I feel affirmed, supported, and called to this, so thank you so much. We’re excited to join you, and by God’s grace, I will fail you more times than you possibly can imagine, but my hope and dream is that each day I point you to Jesus. And that you’d see His beauty, the beauty of the gospel, and the glory of God. So thanks for calling me. It’s a privilege to journey with you. — Dr. Tyler Groff

Tyler and his family came to visit Orlando from February 28 – March 1, and had several  opportunities to meet Orangewood congregants throughout the weekend. The Groffs appeared at two Q&A sessions and even had fun with Orangewood families at the Lower School playground! The Pastoral Search Committee(“PSC”) hoped that the Meet & Greets would provide a space where members would have a chance to get to know the Groffs before casting their vote at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, March 1.

That Sunday, Tyler preached from the Orangewood pulpit for the first time. It was a packed house, as many congregants came to hear Tyler speak. This was a moment that Orangewood had been anticipating for a long time. Immediately after the service, Pastor Joe Creech and Jim Miller(member of PSC) facilitated the Congregational Meeting. Ballots were passed out. Members voted. Songs were sung. Votes were in. With an overwhelming 98.3% of votes, Tyler was called to be Lead Pastor of Orangewood.

Click here to listen to Tyler’s first sermon at Orangewood.