Susan Encounters Jesus
Orangewood Church

The gospel, through the work of the Holy Spirit, engages our hearts and transforms us through daily encounters with Jesus. As we have begun exploring these encounters with Jesus through the stories in Scripture in our sermon series, we are also beginning to explore stories of daily encounters with Jesus today.

Susan Rollason tells us of a season where she encountered Jesus during a time of great uncertainty. But, first! Let’s meet Susan.

In March, Susan and the other nurses at Life Care Center were flooded with patients who contracted coronavirus. At this point in time, masks were scarce yet needed by medical professionals in order to treat patients. Susan shares about how the Care2Sew ministry stepped in to meet this need.

While serving this vulnerable population, Susan contracted coronavirus herself. Within three days, she knew she had a severe case and needed to be hospitalized and quarantined. This led to the most isolating times of Susan’s life. Here she gives us a picture of what it was like to be in the hospital.

It was in this deep place of isolation and helplessness that Susan experienced Jesus as her Advocate. Take a look at this encounter below.

Not only did Jesus reveal himself through the promises in Scripture, but he also provided his tangible presence through community. Susan, in her time of need, was surrounded by the care, prayers, and advocacy of the people around her. See how Susan’s community came alongside her during this time.

As Susan concluded her story, she shared that she was thankful that the Lord helped her experience God’s presence. She saw God’s nearness in how the events in the past few months unfolded in her life and now more deeply trusts God to be her Advocate. We see Jesus in her story through the actions of Care2Sew, Susan’s community group, and even the promises in Scripture.

For many of us, it can be hard to see God moving, working, or even caring about the ordinary experiences in our lives. God may even feel far away at times. Community is one of the ways that God reveals his presence to us. If you want to get connected with others this season, we encourage you to check out any one of our available community groups here! You may come seeking community and find yourself in an encounter with Jesus.

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