Orangewood Officer Candidates
Orangewood Church

The Governing Commission of Elders is calling a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, January 10, 2021, to elect new elders and deacons to serve alongside our present officers. Click here for event details. 
JASON HAWKINS, Deacon Candidate
Family: Kathleen (wife), Nathaniel (14), James (13), Mark (11)
How long have you been at Orangewood? 7 years
What do you do for a living? Network Engineer for Lumen Technologies
“I guess I could say I had a desire to do more to help at the church and to serve where I can be most useful.”
SAM HANNA, Deacon Candidate
Family: Monica (wife), Sam, Jr. (21), Grace (18)
How long have you been at Orangewood? 20 years
What do you do for a living? President, Quality Manufacturing Services (QMS) in Lake Mary, FL. QMS is a manufacturing service provider for electronic products whose primary focus is on new business acquisition (Sales, Marketing, Program Management).
“I am gifted in Biblical studies and Apologetics and have served in jail ministry, singles ministry, and short-term missions (Guatemala). I am skilled in business administration, communications, and technology.”
GREG DUTTON, Deacon Candidate
Family: Kristy (wife), Katie (27), Christopher (23)
How long have you been at Orangewood? 5 years
What do you do for a living? Professional Engineer (PE) engaged in contract management of transportation construction projects. I work for a smaller consulting firm (CPC) that provides a project management team to owners like FDOT, CFX, Counties, Cities, and other municipalities.
“I just want to emphasize how much the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of the men and women at Orangewood to serve its various ministries. It is very clear to me that we are in a blessed place. I arrived at Orangewood, having served in various leadership roles at church and work, and felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to act in more of a servant role. Every time I have been moved to serve in any way, I have been blessed with an amazingly pervasive fulfillment! I enjoy a happy peace-sharing service with these other wonderful brothers and help our church family in times of need! I also want to emphasize how much Kristy has been a blessing to me! She strengthens me to serve in whatever way God calls me.”
BRIAN SMITH, Elder Candidate
Family: Rachel (wife), Spencer (11), Oliver (9), Eleanor (7)
How long have you been at Orangewood? 13 years
What do you do for a living? Eminent Domain Attorney at Lowndes
“Ever since I read 1 Tim 3:1,’This is a trustworthy saying: If anyone aspires to be an overseer, he desires a noble task,’ I understood that serving in leadership in Jesus’ Church is a noble task. I learned it is ok and even a good thing to desire it. When I determined to go to seminary after college without a call to the ministry, I believed (and still do) that God would equip me theologically in seminary for the role of elder one day. I am eager to jump into the trenches and hope that God will use me in this role for His glory at Orangewood Church and in our broader Orlando community.”
MARC STANAKIS, Elder Candidate
Family: Julie Stanakis (wife), Rachel (22), Ryan (18)
How long you have been at Orangewood: 20 years
What do you do for a living? President/CEO & CoFounder of Jobs Partnership, a ministry that prepares people for life and works with Biblical principles.
“With new leadership at the helm of the church, I believe the Lord has set the stage for the next season of ministry at Orangewood. In my leadership role at Jobs Partnership, I have 20 years of experience building a ministry and working with churches throughout Central Florida to mobilize their congregations for Kingdom impact in the communities they serve. I believe that God has called me to this role of elder to support Tyler as he leads us into the future with the vision that the Lord has given him for our church.”