Q & A with Tiffany, our new Office Coordinator
Orangewood Church

Hey, Tiffany! With Ashley Eveland transitioning over to Children’s Ministry, you’ve come along at the PERFECT time! We’re so happy you joined the team as our new Office Coordinator. 

What drew you to Orangewood?

I’ve been searching a while for a place to use my administrative gifts, especially within a church. During my search, Orangewood fell into my lap, and doors have opened left and right since then. My husband and I were in the middle of looking for a new church, so after interviewing for the job, we checked out the service. There’s a sweet simplicity about Orangewood that makes it feel homey. On top of that, I’ve been given the opportunity to get to know the church staff behind doors. They have been overwhelmingly loving and welcoming, which has made me feel seen and valued. All I can say is — Yay, God, for loving me as He does, and for putting Orangewood in my life. 


What are you excited about for your new role?

I’m excited to be able to organize and coordinate things. My husband makes fun of me because he has caught me playing with my excel sheets multiple times while we are watching tv. 


What were you doing before you came to Orangewood?

In 2019, I graduated with my degree in marriage and family therapy, so I have been working as a counselor to attain my hours to become licensed. 


Where are you from?

This is always a hard question for me to answer because I am a military baby. I moved around a lot as a kid, but when my parents divorced, we landed in Florida. I have been here the longest, but it doesn’t feel right to claim it as my home. So to sum it up, I feel like I’m from nowhere but have been everywhere. 


Tell us a little bit about your family. 

My dad was in the navy for 30 years, and he is now retired in Texas. My mom is here in FL, and she is currently a school psychologist with Orange County. I have two older brothers who were both in the military as well, but they have been discharged and now live in Japan and Colorado. I met my husband in our counseling program at Palm Beach Atlantic, and we have been married for two years. Yes, we are semi-newly weds, and we are loving it! 🙂 


Favorite food?

Meat. Alfredo. Cookies. 


Favorite place to eat?

So many… How can I choose just one? Cheddars, Duffys, & Taco bell are my go-to. I’ve recently discovered Backyard Burger, and it has been my addiction for the month of April. 


Guilty pleasure?

Murder shows. I may have a future calling to be a detective based on my skills to call out the kill at the beginning of the show. 


Favorite author?

So, books and I are not really friends. Unfortunately, I struggle to have the attention span to read. But movies? I can do them all day. I love anything animated, some black and white, and of course rom coms (romantic comedies). 


Favorite music?

I can’t think of a specific genre that sticks out, but I enjoy most genres as long as the melody is soft and “chill.” If you pull up my music playlist, you’d see a mixture of contemporary Christian, country, r&b, and alternative rock. Also, Disney soundtracks. 


Fun fact:


My husband and I love Christmas so much we never take it down. In other words, it is Christmas year-round in the Hawkins household. I’ve picked up crafting the past couple of years, and I enjoy making mini-themed Christmas trees. 


How have you survived the pandemic?

God is good, and thankfully, I didn’t have to go through anything major. I grew up in an environment where the message was to just “do as you’re told and don’t ask questions,” so I adapted quickly to the minor adjustments that occurred. Overall, I actually enjoyed being stuck at home with my husband. He’s my best friend, so we have a lot of fun, and it made the pandemic quarantine fly by. 


Any fun photos you’d like to share with us?

Israel: Fun in the Dead Sea.



When I got married, my “family” grew.

Greece Trip: Joe & I, on top of Mars Hill. (Parthenon in the background)