Better Together
Orangewood Church

Better Together

What if the weaknesses and limitations we so clearly see in ourselves were actually spaces designed to create connection, community, and support? It’s a radical and uncomfortable thought, but stay with us.  More often, we despise the weaknesses we see in ourselves and perceive them as threats, so we hide them from each other and more and more stories in our lives are left untold, unseen, and unheard. Why is that? In many ways, we have been set up to believe that we need to be self sufficient in order to be safe, secure, and happy when really it has only stirred insecurity, isolation, and discontentment.

Scripture frees us from this delusion that we need to be self sufficient. In fact, it doesn’t hide our weaknesses, but exposes them that we might be free. When Pastor Mark preached on our church value “Better Together” he quoted from 1 Corinthians 12, where Paul compares the church to a body, that each have been given unique gifts and limitations that tell us we need each other.

In the past two years, we’ve had a lot of new staff members join our team from various ages and life stages. With each staff member that joined the team has come the opportunity to learn each others unique strengths, weaknesses, and stories. As a staff, we are striving to learn from one another and we explored this recently through a time of connection.

Our staff’s “Fun team” put together an International potluck where each staff member brought in a food dish that represented their ethnic and family culture. The hope was that the staff would learn a bit more about each other by exploring their family of origin— while eating good food! Hilda led the event and decorated the Space with globes, table cloths, and various flags from the countries representing those on our staff team. At around 11am, the food started piling in beginning with Cuban croquettes, Mississippi corn bread, “the Islands” jerk chicken, and more. Pretty soon, a feast was upon us.

Each person grabbed a plate and piled them with samples of food from all over the world before taking a seat at a large table. The staff spent time connecting with one another catching up and soon after, Tiffany, our Executive Assistance and fun team leader, facilitated a time of trivia.

We’re so thankful that we have a staff team that is continually growing together in community. Please continue to pray for us as we strive to make the value “Better Together” a regular part of our lives.