Tell me about Eden, a lament.
Orangewood Church


Our staff team took a day with God to reflect on lament. Below is a lament written by one of our staff members that morning. 

Tell me about Eden. 

Eden was where I was born without sickness.
Where my mother held me in her arms and looked me in the eyes with delight, even before she knew me.
Where my father promised to protect my vulnerabilities and to build up my strength and to consider my heart 

Eden was where my brother looked at me with curiosity and excitement
Where he couldn’t wait until I was big enough to play with
Where he loved what was different in me than in him. 

Eden was where my father loved his wife and was first to ask for forgiveness and first to give it
It was where my mother boldly spoke of her fear, pain, and shame but assured me she was big and strong enough to keep me safe 

Eden was where my parents told me that it was okay to cry when I was in pain, afraid, or embarrassed.
It was where I heard over and over, “You are going to be okay.” 

Eden was where my parents and grandparents took time to play with me and my brother and told us that they would always love us no matter what
It’s where they learned that I love to dance, sing, draw, paint, play sports, and play pretend. 

Eden is where my family took me to lessons because they knew I wanted to learn how to play the drums, piano, and guitar.
It’s where we traveled together to see mountains, waterfalls, caves, deserts, every wild you can think of.
It was where my family came to my recitals, games, and art shows.

Where they learned that I was wild in my spirit and couldn’t decide on any one thing because I loved so many things
Where they told me that I was made to be free and that they would support me wherever I went

Eden was where my family told me that all these good things exist because God made them
Where I learned that I was never alone, and that God was with me this whole time
It was where I learned that pain does not last forever and that I could make mistakes and run to God because like my parents he will love me no matter what. 

Eden is a place I will never know
ground I will never step foot on
sound I won’t hear in the garden
walking at the cool of day. 

I was born East of Eden. 

I hear rumors of a greater Eden
I hope are true
Until then, this was my Eden.
Tell me about yours.

— Orangewood Staff Member