Johannah Huber Introduction
Johannah Huber


Me and my family at Orangewood in November of 2017.

Hi, my name is Johannah Huber, and I am so excited to come on staff at Orangewood as the Communications Coordinator!

I’ve been in Orlando and at Orangewood my entire life. I was baptized here by former Pastor Bob Cargo back in 2000 and have found a real sense of community and family. This job appealed to me as Orangewood is a familiar and safe place to use my skills from college to further the kingdom and see our church grow and flourish. I will be working with the Communications team to write, edit, design, etc., for the church body to further Orangewood’s mission of inviting each person into the life-changing story of Jesus.

I graduated from Berry College in December of 2021 with a degree in Communications: Public Relations and a minor in Spanish, and since then, I’ve been working full-time for my parent’s bookstore, BrightLight Books, here in Orlando.

On the Honduras Mission Trip led by Orangewood.

My Mom and Dad have attended Orangewood for 28 years and in that time have gotten well-acquainted with the church. My mom works closely with the women’s ministry, my dad is an elder, and they also lead a community group. I also have an older brother and sister, who live in Orlando and Chattanooga, respectively.

In an effort to be more familiar to people in the church, I have some really important things to tell you about me. First, my favorite food is ravioli, any kind, any sauce, any filling. My favorite place to eat is a local restaurant near my college named Aventine (if you’re ever in Rome, Georgia, you should check it out.) Some of my guilty pleasures include anything related to Harry Potter or Survivor. If you want to be a captive audience for hours, feel free to mention either of these things. My favorite author is J.K. Rowling, and some of my favorite music includes folk and indie, soundtracks, and soft rock. My favorite band at the moment is Greta Van Fleet. Suppose you want to see an above-average hidden talent? You could ask me to try out some accents, especially an Australian accent, mate. And finally, and most importantly, a fun fact about myself is that I accidentally sprayed myself with bear pepper spray in Yellowstone National Park. Don’t try that.

I am so excited to see Orangewood grow: to discover the stories that people have and to share that with others. We are all a part of God’s perfect plan, and being able to showcase that brings me such joy and excitement for our future. My hopes and prayers are that I will have faith in the Lord in all my endeavors and that our church family can trust that God is good all the time.