Q&A with Ryan, our new Pastoral Intern
Orangewood Church

What is your position at Orangewood?
Pastoral Intern — Young Adult Ministry


What drew you to Orangewood?
Reformed Theological Seminary drew me to Orlando. As I was looking for churches, I came across Orangewood. It looked like an engaging and exciting church from what I could see online. Also, it is a part of the PCA, which I was familiar with, having previously worked for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).


What are you excited about for your new role?
I am excited to be able to connect and disciple people in my generation. There’s been a lot of interesting things developing societally among my generation and younger. So I am super pumped about helping others navigate our current culture and equip them to reach out to others with the gospel.


What were you doing before you came to Orangewood?
I worked for the college ministry RUF at Florida State University.


Where are you from?
I am from Atlanta, Georgia. Specifically the Ellenwood/Decatur region.


Tell us a little bit about your family.
I’m married to Maggie! We met in Tallahassee and have been married for almost a year. She’s from Lakeland and is working at Longwood Christian Academy.

I’m from a family of four: my dad, mom, and older brother. We’re a pretty ordinary bunch. My dad is a property tax appraiser and small business owner. My mom has worked in the education system for 25 years and is now one of the directors for the Dekalb County School library system. My brother is almost finished with seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary. He’s working at a church called Highland Park Pres and is looking to do missions work in the future.


Favorite food?
Such a hard question, just like asking your favorite song. I like Thai and Indian curry. I also like American food like steak and mashed potatoes and all other types of southern cooking.


Favorite place to eat?
I haven’t had much in Orlando yet, so please give me recommendations!


Guilty pleasure?
Being an avid YouTube watcher and sour/sweet gummy candy


Favorite author?
I haven’t read much fiction in a while, mostly just theology books by different authors. But I’m going to say Dennis P. Hollinger.


Favorite music?
I love music, so this is nearly impossible for me. My favorite genres are Christian music of all types and hip hop, but I like mostly everything.


Hidden Talent
Photography. I’m hoping to make this a less hidden talent — haha.


Fun fact
I don’t know if this is fun, but I’m a type 1 diabetic!