Acapulco Mission Trip 2023
Johannah Huber

This Summer, we had a team of 22 adults and students go to Casa Hogar, a children’s home, and one of our mission partners in Acapulco, Mexico! While they were there, they enjoyed playing with the kids, working hard, and learning more about our Savior. Here at Orangewood, we long to cultivate relationships with our neighbors near and far, so thank you to all who went and helped send our people to Acapulco!

“I showed up to Acapulco feeling like I didn’t have much of anything to give. The first day that a few of us played dress-up with the children at Casa Hogar, a little boy whose name I didn’t yet know took a break from punching my stomach, looked up into my eyes with a wide smile, and gave me a tight hug. I felt like the Lord was reminding me that I, in fact, don’t ever have anything to give, but that his power is made perfect in my weakness. If I want to bear fruit, I must abide in Christ. There were many moments like this, and I am so grateful for God’s kindness and faithfulness.”  —Team Member

It was HOT, but rewarding! To see the work of Christ in the lives of the children and staff firsthand was AMAZING! To God be the Glory! — Team Member Michelle
A couple thoughts I had about the trip was the willingness we all had to serve the kids, and how we are able to fight through health issues to serve the lord. Thank you for a great trip. — Team Member Luke
What a great team! You were all a godly example to the Casa Hogar children, very grateful in all circumstances, even when there was no electricity for a few hours! I thank you all for ending my two months at Casa Hogar on a good note to come home to! — Team Member Janet
Orangewood would be proud of how our team of youth and adults served selflessly in Acapulco! We heard stories of God is working in the lives of the young people there, and they were truly impactful. Likewise God was working in our own hearts, and we realized afresh that we are a blessed people, and God calls us to be a blessing to others. — Pastor Joe Creech
The smiles on the kids faces as they threw water balloons in the courtyard. How quickly they made the pizza disappear. The hugs and grins from the children who asked me to promise to return. My gratefulness when they told me that they had prayed for my health issues. — Team Member Dave