Serve at Orangewood

Administrative Team

If you are a detailed-oriented person and enjoy organizing, we have lots of opportunities for you to share your gifts. This team provides administrative help to Orangewood Church, Orangewood Christian School(OCS), and Maitland Community Preschool(MCP), particularly around peak work times. Questions? Email Clark at

Care Team

If you have a heart to encourage others during discouraging times or a passion for celebrating people, the Care Team is a great place to serve. This team partners with our Pastor of Care to attend to immediate needs within the congregation and seeks creative ways to encourage our members and staff serving in various ministries. Questions? Email Chuck at

Children’s Ministry Team 

As part of the Children’s Ministry Team, you will be able to share with the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord ( Ps 78:4). We have broken down our ministry into three age-specific children’s ministries: OKids Nursery, OKids Jr., and OKids Worship. Join our team and serve every week, every other week, or once a month.  Note: All members upon joining are signed up for serving periodically on the Nursery Team unless given special exemption. Questions? Email Ashley at

Communication Team

Everyone loves a good story. This team aims to capture the unique stories about how God is moving in and through Orangewood. If you have a passion for photography, film, or writing, our Communication Team may be the place for you. Questions? Email Jennie at

Communion Team 

If you’re a “behind-the-scenes” kind of person and want to serve where help is needed, the Communion Team may be right for you. This team prepares the communion table for the congregation to partake in the Lord’s Supper. Questions? Email Chuck at

Community Group Team 

If you are passionate about building deep connections with others or are gifted in hosting people, you might wanna try out our Community Group Team. This team is a group of people who have opened their homes to community groups and foster an environment for relationships to grow. Questions? Email Mark at

Discovering Orangewood Team

If you have made Orangewood your church home and want others to be a part of the experience, join our Discovering Orangewood Team! This team assists with planning, executing, and facilitating Orangewood’s new members class. Questions? Email Chuck at

Helping Hands Team

If you are gifted with a “hands-on” type of skillset and enjoy working on home improvement projects, then our Helping Hands Teams is a great place to serve. This team periodically comes alongside our deacons to do small home repairs or yard work for those in need at Orangewood. Questions? Email Freddie at

Hospitality Team 

People who serve on this team are passionate about setting up events and enjoy helping where needed. This team provides hospitality assistance for special events and memorial services. Roles will vary depending on the type of event. Questions? Email Joe at

Men’s Ministry Team – Band of Brothers

If you are driven to know God more deeply in his word and want to motivate and encourage other men who are seeking to advance God’s kingdom, join our Men’s Ministry Team. This group of men explores God’s word through Bible study and fellowship. Questions? Email Joe at

Prayer Team 

People who serve on this team are motivated to pray for God to move into the world and desire to align themselves and others with his vision. This team organizes prayer meetings and prays for the needs of our Church, community, and world. Questions? Email Chuck at

Student Ministry Team 

If you have a passion for making an impact in the lives of students and would like to serve by modeling authentic Christian living, empowering students in their unique gifts, and encouraging them in their struggles, join our team! This team assists with coordinating youth group, connecting with middle and high school students, and leading small group discussions. Questions? Email Emily at

Sunday Studies Team 

Sunday Studies is a place for life-long learners who are passionate about teaching and spiritual formation. If you are gifted in teaching and have a natural curiosity for various subjects, try out our Sunday Studies Team! Questions? Email Hilda at

Tear Down Team 

If you like to help in tangible ways on Sunday mornings, a simple way to serve is through our Tear Down Team. This team transforms the sanctuary back into a gym by closing up the bleachers, putting away chairs, tearing down the stage, and rolling up the carpet. Questions? Email Jim at

Ushers & Greeters Team 

We are looking for people who enjoy giving a warm welcome to people as they come into worship. This team greets congregants and directs them to the worship center. Ushers assist with the offering after worship. Questions? Email Johnathan at

Welcome Team 

If you enjoy meeting new people, this team has many opportunities for guest relations. This includes parking lot attendants and welcome table volunteers. Questions? Email Mark at

Women’s Ministry Team

If you hope to encourage, empower, and equip a multigenerational group of women to engage God’s word and discover how their own gifts advance God’s kingdom, our Women’s Ministry Team is for you. This team assists with coordinating Women’s ministry events, building discipleship relationships, and teaching bible studies. Questions? Email Hilda at

Worship Team 

Do you have a passion for connecting others with God through worship? This team serves by creating a worshipful environment on Sunday mornings. This includes singers, band members, Scripture readers, and more! Questions? Email Jack at


Let us know if you’d like to serve!